About Research Teams

Research Teams

Our project is committed to preparing people with communication disabilities, their families/friends, clinicians and researchers to effectively collaborate in research.

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Here are the first 10 Project BRIDGE research team topics:

  • Caregiver Training
  • Educating Stakeholders
  • Maintaining Friendships After Aphasia
  • Life Participation Approach Strategies
  • Effects of Life Coaching on Living with Aphasia
  • Naming Treatment
  • Quality of Life Interventions
  • Recovery Trajectory
  • Stories About Aphasia
  • Effects of Yoga in Aphasia
About Research Teams
About Research Teams

Presentations and Publications

Brice, A. E. & Hinckley, J. (under review). Building Research Initiatives by Developing Group Effort (BRIDGE): Patient partners in aphasia research. Communication Disorders Quarterly.

Brice, A. E. & Hinckley, J. (2019).  Beyond Universal Design: Lessons Learned About Communication Accessibility for Patient Partners. Poster presentation at the PCORI Annual Meeting, Washington DC, September. (PCORI 2019 Conference Poster pdf)

Hinckley J, Brice AE and Kong A (2019). Project BRIDGE: Building Research Initiatives by Developing Group Effort. Poster presented at the Academy of Aphasia 57th Annual Meeting, Macao, October(Academy of Aphasia 2019 Poster pdf)

Hinckley, J., Brice, A., Bislick, L., Broussard, T., Caputo, K., Caputo, M., Engelhoven, E., Kurnal, J., Lenius, K., Madden, E. & Morgan, J. (2019). Clinicians, Researchers, and Consumers Collaborating: Project BRIDGE. Seminar presented at the Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Orlando, FL, November  (ASHA 2019 Seminar Handout pdf)

Hinckley, J., Brice, A., Caputo, M., Caputo, K. (2019). Making Research Collaboration Accessible to Those with Communication Disabilities, poster presented at the International Patient-Centered Care Conference, Planetree, Orlando, FL. (October 29, 2019). (Int Person-Centered Care Conference 2019 poster pdf)